Pace of Play

As a means to enhance enjoyment of golf by a majority of Club Members, the Club has a Pace of Play objective of 4 hours and 15 minutes (for an 18-hole round). Every golfer is responsible for staying up with the group in front of his/her group and to meet the Pace of Play objective. The Club reserves the right to take whatever means necessary to achieve the Pace of Play objective. Players should not hit a ball until the group in fron is clearly out of the way. 


Private Golf Carts

Privately owned electic golf carts are permitted. The fees for using priavate carts may be obtained from the Golf Professional Staff. Private carts are subject to specific rules and regulations governing design, style, tire specifications and quality. All private carts must be inspected and approved by our Golf Professional team. No carts will be permitted without such approval. All carts must be driven onto the Club property. No trailers are allowed on Club property. All private carts will be registered with the Golf Department and have a registration sticker, this includes carts that are not used for golf. An annual registration sticker is required and must be replaced at the start of each new year. Please see the Golf Shop Staff to obtain a copy of the private cart policies and procedures.



  • Each player must have his/her own set of clubs.
  • Rental clubs are available at each golf shop.



Protecting the Golf Courses

  • Trash should not be thrown anywhere on the course, except the trash receptacles. 
  • You should always repair ball marks on the green and fill fairway divots with sand.
  • You should rake bunkers before leaving them.
  • If a player's ball lies on a green other than the hole being played, the ball should be lifted and dropped to one side fo the green, no closer to the hole being played, without occuring a penalty. Do not play a ball from a green with any club that will damage the green.
  • When walking or using a push-cart, place you golf bag or pull-cart to the side of any green.
  • Please do not throw clubs or take any other action that could result in damage to the golf course, other Members or Club property.
  • Leave the course in the condition in which you would like to find it.
  • Follow all Cart Path Only restrictions when implemented to help prevent unnecessary wear on course turf.


Lost and Found

  • Lost and found golf clubs and personal articles should be returned and/or claimed at the Golf Pro Shop.
  • The Club is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles or property, including automobiles parked in our Club parking lots. Please do not leave golf clubs or other personal items unattended. 


All Members and Guest are expected to observe the stated Golf Course Policies. Any Member witnessing a violation of these policies by another Member or guest should report the violation to a Golf Professional. Repeated or gross violation of these policies will be reviewd by the Club's Golf Committee and the Director of Golf, and appropriate action will be taken.


A copy of all the Clubs rules and regulations and By-Laws are available on the Club website.



Professional Services

Golf Shop Member Pricing

All members recieve a 20% discount on apparel purchases in the Kingwood, Forest and Deerwood Golf Shops. Additionally, all Members recieve MAP (minimum advertised pricing) on equipment purchases. This includes golf clubs, golf balls, gloves and shoes. This does not include any previously discounted items. 


Golf Handicaps

Member handicaps are maintained through the GHIN System for a nominal annual fee. The GHIN System is used for all score entries and the App is available to all with a registered GHIN number for ease of entering scores. To establish a handicap, please visit the Kingwood or Deerwood Golf Shop.


Locker Room Services

Lockers are available at both Kingwood Country Club and Deerwood Club for Members and their guests. A locker may be rented on an annual or daily basis. Members also recieve complete shoe care and repair service as well. Please see the Kingwood and Deerwood Locker Room Attendants for for information. 

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the men's or ladie's locker rooms, unless accompanied by a parent.


Club Rentals

Professional quality golf clubs are available for Members and their guests. Reservations for rental sets are available through the Golf Shop.


Club Repair

Compete professional club repair services are available. All repair work is of the highest quality.


Hole- in- One Club

Prepare for the perfect shot and join our Hole-in-One Club! All members will be billed $5.00 each time a hole-in-one is made. The lucky golfer will receive a billed amount in Club Credit to be used around the Clubs of Kingwood. For more details or to sign-up, please visit the Kingwood or Deerwood Golf Shop.